Berdyansk State Pedagogical University

Rector's reception office:


4, Schmidta St., Berdiansk, Zaporizhzhia  oblast Temporarily moved to: 66, Zhukovs`ki St., Zaporizhzhia

Student self-government

Student self-government helps to solve the questions of study, self-organization, leisure, moral and ethical, cultural and sport development of students and helps them to take an active part in the life of the University.

Student Council organizes or helps to hold events on the occasion of holiday celebrations and important festival events of the University and the country. It also arranges arts-and-crafts charity fairs, winter dancing parties to support ATO soldiers and children with special needs. It also participates in the annual National Action “From Heart to Heart”, etc. The student self-government helps to engage students in musical, literary and entertainment activities held at the University and the city and to establish of creative relationship and cooperation with student councils of the other universities of the country. In particular, the participation in the student exchange program “From Country to Country” allowed to familiarize the general public with the work of our University in general and student self-government in particular.

The representatives of the student activists take an active part in BSPU management, namely as members of the Academic Councils of the University and Faculties, delegates to the staff meetings and conferences, take important decisions on the University activities. They coordinate expulsion and transfers of students and appointment of pro-rectors for work with students. They also develop, discuss and approve draft regulations, orders, instructions concerning students’ training.

The University’s student activists cooperate with youth and state organizations of the city of Berdiansk and Zaporizhzhia oblast. Due to the fact that student self-government unites the most creative, successful and capable of organizing and leading a team, they manage to skilfully combine study with social activities, charity, entertainment and mass sporting activity.