Berdyansk State Pedagogical University

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4, Schmidta St., Berdiansk, Zaporizhzhia  oblast Temporarily moved to: 66, Zhukovs`ki St., Zaporizhzhia

Educational extracurricular activities

Educational extracurricular activities as an essential part of the educational process are aimed at ensuring harmonious holistic personality development, formation of students’ humanist world view, social and political orientation, morality and culture, education based on national traditions as well as cultural and historical achievements of the Ukrainian people.

The University created favourable conditions for students’ interesting leisure activities. Different social activities take place almost every day. The traditional ones became such events as ‘Initiation into a Student’, ‘Freshers’ Debut’, ‘Student of the Year’, ‘Miss University’ championship of the ‘Club of the Merry and Quick-witted’ League, literary and artistic meetings, special themed events; The Weeks of Technological Education, Psychology, Pedagogy, Foreign Languages, Speech Therapy and Primary Education; national and patriotic activities, as well as those aimed at maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For the first time the University Student Council, on its own initiative, held ‘The Winter Charity Ball’ in 2016.

The artistic amateur groups of the University take an active part in international, national, regional festivals and competitions and take prize-winning places, in particular, in the regional competition of creative patriotic activities ‘Spadshchyna’ (Heritage) in Zaporizhzhia, All-Ukrainian festival-competition of a pop song ‘Imperiia Zirok’ (Empire of Stars) in Dnipro, Open international song and music competition ‘Zolotyi Orfei’ (Golden Orpheus) in Dnipro, National Arts competition ‘Zornyia kvetki’ (Star Flowers) in Mariupol, International dance competition ‘Megalopolis’ (in Kharkiv) and the Ukrainian championship of choreographic art (in Dnipro).

Every year the University students are announced the winners of the regional contest ‘Student of the Year’ in such categories as ‘Student as a Public Figure’ (in 2016), ‘Research Student of the Year’ (in 2015), ‘Students’ Family’(in 2014), etc. The University students are active participants and winners of the regional patriotic competition of student youth ‘I am Ukrainian!’

The system of the University educational extracurricular activities is characterized by the unity of actions among all its structural units. Partnership, democratic style and rules of humane relationship form its integral part.