Berdyansk State Pedagogical University

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4, Schmidta St., Berdiansk, Zaporizhzhia  oblast Temporarily moved to: 66, Zhukovs`ki St., Zaporizhzhia

The Department of International Relations

International cooperation forms an integral part of Berdiansk State Pedagogical University’s activity, and it is an important tool in ensuring the quality of education and its compliance with international standards.

The international activity of BSPU is aimed at improving the University’s position in the system of higher education in Ukraine and its further integration into the world educational and scientific community. This work is carried out within the framework of cooperation programmes with leading foreign universities, implementation of international educational programmes and projects, organization of scientific and practical seminars and conferences, exchange of teaching staff and development of students’ mobility.




For the last years, in the sphere of international relations BSPU has been focusing on the following areas:

  1. Initiating new partner ties with higher educational establishments, research institutions and organizations from other countries.
  2. Deepening cooperation with foreign educational institutions, with which cooperation agreements were previously concluded.
  3. Taking part in international scientific research, educational and cultural programmes.
  4. Intensifying international student exchanges.
  5. Organizing and holding international scientific, scientific and practical conferences, seminars and round-table discussions on BSPU premises; participation of the University lecturers in similar events in other higher educational establishments, including foreign ones.
  6. Publishing scientific works of the lecturers and students of BSPU in foreign editions and the works of foreign researchers − in BSPU editions.
  7. Grant activity.
  8. Employing foreign specialists and sending BSPU lecturers to be trained abroad.

The tasks of the department:

  • planning and organizing international cooperation of the University with educational establishments, organizations and institutions of foreign countries within the framework of cooperation agreements signed;
  • developing and approving draft agreements with foreign partners;
  • coordinating the work of departments and units of the University within the framework of international cooperation;
  • advising and assisting in the preparation of documents for the students and university staff’s trips abroad for study and training;
  • organizing study and training of the University students abroad;
  • coordinating possibilities and terms of meeting foreign specialists, delegations and students; drawing up the programmemes of their meeting and organizing welcome of foreign delegations.