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Trade union organization

Established in 1932 and destined to protect social and legal interests of its members and to take care of their health and leisure, the local trade union organization of the staff members and students at Berdiansk State Pedagogical University is its integral organizational unit.

The local trade union organization of the University ensures socioeconomic protection of the legitimate rights and interests of the trade unionists; monitors educational and staff discipline as well as living conditions; reacts quickly to their violation; organizes and carries out health improvement and recreation of the union members, large-scale cultural and sport activities; contributes to job placement of the student youth; provides informational support on the matters and problems of the trade unionists; provides support for gifted student youth.

One of the strategic and priority directions of statutory activity is trade union training, the task of which is to consider, finalize and make decisions on completing new projects, programs and activities; assistance in the increasing of trade union activists’ educational level; organization and coordination of the work of the trade union bureaus at the faculties and structural units; teaching the basics of trade union activity; application of new forms and methods of education of the trade union leaders; training young promising trade union personnel who will be able to successfully solve the problems facing the union.

Owing to the partnership relations between the University administration and trade union committee headed by Vitalii Lola who has been the chairman of the trade union committee for 35 years, it is possible to solve the questions of social protection of staff members and students.