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Council of Young Scientists


The Council of Young Scientists (CYS) of Berdyansk State Pedagogical University is a collegial, advisory, and representative body of the university on issues concerning young researchers. The CYS is a voluntary association of young, full-fledged representatives of the university’s faculties, promoting the development of creative scientific activity of young scientists.

The Council of Young Scientists of BDPU was established in 2016. The CYS board includes 19 young BDPU scientists – associate professors, lecturers, assistants, postgraduate students, doctoral students, and undergraduate students.

Young BDPU scientists are organizers and participants in scientific events of various levels. Among them are experts from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for the expertise of scientific state budget projects, winners of national and international competitions in various fields, scholarship holders of the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for young scientists, Zaporizhzhia Regional Council, regional state administration, and others.

In its activities, the CYS is guided by the principle of the supremacy of scientific creativity and the professional ethics of a scientist. The Council of Young Scientists of BDPU actively establishes and supports professional contacts and cultural ties with scientific and youth organizations of domestic higher educational institutions and scientific institutions, as well as with foreign colleagues.

With the aim of popularizing science, the Council of Young Scientists actively highlights its activities in the media and social networks. The CYS continuously conducts sociological research to identify problems of young scientists and find solutions; it exercises public control over the observance of the rights of students, postgraduate students, and young scientists.