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Important information for Erasmus+ student and staff mobility

Academic calendar

1st semester – 1 September / about 30 December

2nd semester – 1 February / about 30 June


Ukrainian Language Course

Student and teachers will be offered twice a week Ukrainian Language Course.



Erasmus students and teachers will receive any help from staff of the International Office which is opened from Monday till Friday (8.00 – 17.00). International Office provides information support regarding students and staff mobility.

Foreign students and teachers during their stay in the University-partner have the rights and duties of the staff of the host University. The University provides the opportunity to use educational, scientific, sports base of BSPU. University staff recognizes teaching activities undertaken by foreign teachers. At the end of the mobility period a foreign student and teacher receives an appropriate certificate of BSPU.

University assists to obtaining visas, when required, for incoming and outbound mobile participants.

The workload generated by the mobility is recognized in annual resources. Mobility is part of professional development, settled in the annual development discussions.


The results of the mobility

The results of the mobility project are disseminated on the website of the University, in local and state media, on scientific and practical conferences, meeting of Scientific Council of BSPU etc. The forms of dissemination are presentations, articles, written reports, newsletters and so on.

Grading system


Total points for all educational activities Grading on the ECTS scale
For all types of the final control
90-100 A (excellent)
65-89 BС (good)
50-64 DE (satisfactory)
35-49 FX (unsatisfactory)

with the possibility of re-taking

1-34 F (unsatisfactory)

with mandatory re-study of the discipline


Coordinator of International Relations – Prof. Dr. Igor Lyman

Adress: Berdyansk State Pedagogical University

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Berdyansk, 71112


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