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Kateryna Petrovskaya

The Head of the Department of Social Work and Inclusive Education, Associate Professor

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences (PhD)

У 2010 та 2011 роки нагороджена грамотами ректора БДПУ за сумлінну працю, особистий внесок у розвиток вітчизняної педагогічної освіти та з нагоди Дня працівників освіти.
У 2013 році нагороджена почесною грамотою Департаменту освіти і науки запорізької облдержадміністрації за багаторічну сумлінну працю та вагомий внесок у розвиток вітчизняної науки.
У 2014 році нагороджена грамотою ректора БДПУ за активну наукову роботу, захист кандидатської дисертації, публікацію монографії.
У 2015 році нагороджена подякою Запорізької обласної державної адміністрації, Управляння молоді, фізичної культури та спорту, КУ «Запорізький обласний центр молоді» ЗОР за вагомий внесок у розвиток волонтерського руху в Запорізькій області, проявлену соціальну ініціативу, небайдужість до майбутнього рідного краю та з нагоди Міжнародного дня волонтера.
У 2016 році нагороджена грамотою Запорізького обласного центру молоді за 3 місце у ІІ обласному конкурсі соціальної реклами «Тобі обирати!».
У 2018 році нагороджена подякою Міністерства освіти і науки України за багаторічну сумлінну працю, вагомий особистий внесок у підготовку висококваліфікованих спеціалістів та плідну науково-педагогічну діяльність.



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In 2010 and 2011 was awarded with the certificate of the Rector of the Berdyansk State Pedagogical University for conscientious work, personal contribution in the development of the domestic pedagogical education and of on the occasion of the Day of Workers of Education.

In 2013 was awarded with honorary certificate of the Department of Education and Science of Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration for many-years honorary work and a significant contribution in the development of domestic science.

In 2014 was awarded with the certificate of the Rector of Berdyansk State Pedagogical University for active scientific work, defense of candidate’s thesis, publication of monograph.

In 2015 was awarded with the gratitude of Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration, Management of Youth, Physical Culture and Sport, Municipal Institution “Zaporizhzhya Regional Center of Youth” of Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration for a significant contribution in the development of volunteer movement in Zaporizhzhya Region, showed social initiative, not indifference to future of native land and of on the occasion of the International Volunteer Day.

In 2016 was awarded with the certificate of Zaporizhzhya Regional Center of Youth for the third place in II regional competition of social advertisement “Chosing is Up to You!”.

In 2018 was awarded with the gratitude of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for many-years honorary work and a significant contribution of highly skilled specialists’ training and seminal scientific and pedagogical activity.


In 2008 was graduated from Berdyansk State Pedagogical University and got the speciality “Social Pedagogy”; in 2017 – the speciality “Management of Educational Institutions”.

From 2009 to 2012 was studying at the graduate school of BSPU of the specialty 13.00.01 – General Pedagogy and History of Pedagogy. The theme of dissertation research: “Formation of SOcial and Normative Behavior of Student Youth in Creative Informal Associations” (scientific superviser: Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor G. Lokareva).

In 2013 defended her candidate’s thesis of the speciality 13.00.05 – Social Pedagogy.

In 2015 she was assigned of the academic status of Associate Professor of the Department of Social Pedagogy.

Work activity

From 2006 to 2009 – the Secretary of Deanery of Social and Pedagogical Faculty Board of BSPU.

From 2008 to 2013 – the Assistant of the Department of Social Pedagogy.

From 2013 to 2014 – the Senior Lecturer of the Department of Social Pedagogy.

From 2014 to now – the Associate Professor of the Department of Social Work and Inclusive Education.

From 2016 – the Head of the Department of Social Work and Inclusive Education.

Total experience of pedagogical activity: 11 years

The spheres of scientific interests: problems of formation of socially and normative behavior of student youth in informal creative associations, social and pedagogical work with child and youth organizations.

The author of more than 60 scientific publications, including 2 monographs and 3 teaching aids.

Actively engage in development of students’ science in the spheres of “Social Pedagogy”, “Social Work”. A scientific advisor of students’ scientific works – winners of All-Ukrainian competitions.

Certification training

  • Improved qualification by the program of “Social work” in National Pedagogical Dragomanov University (certificate 12SPV040002).
  • Improved qualification “Transaction of a Case and Rating of Child and his Family’s Needs” (certificate).
  • Passed the theoretical and practical course “Fairy-tale Therapy of Children Problems and Analysis Slavic Fairy-tales” (certificate № 419 dated 21.06.2015).
  • Improved qualification by the program “Projective Management”, Mastering of the Main Competences of Projective Management in a Cultural Sphere and Organization of Educational and Motivational Measures (diploma).
  • Passed language courses “Intensive English” in the frameworks of common European project Tempus – 4 “Training of teachers and educational managers to work with heterogeneous groups and organizations” (certificate № 000161).
  • Passed the study course of authorized persons’ preparation for Ukrainian Center For Education Quality Assessment (certificate № C94260).
  • Passed a course for social workers “Social Work with People, who has Chronic Diseases” (certificate dated 01.08.2017).
  • Take an active part in study projects: Internship Visiting in Frameworks of project “Strengthening of Civil Society in Local Communities” (2016), “School of Equality on LGBT Issues” (2016), “Seminar-training of Media Literacy” (2016), “Human’s Issues and Gender Equality” (2016), “Leadership and Negotiation” (2016), “Implementation of the Algorithm for Representatives of the Probation Service, Medicine Service of Penitentiary System Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and for Representatives of Non-governmental Organizations” (2017), “Informal Education as an Instrument of Professional Volunteering” (2017), “The Tolerance School of Questions of People who Lives with HIV and IDP (2017), International Inclusive Theatrical Festival “ART-Playback. Together” (2017).
  • Passed the course “Holistic Scientific and Pedagogical Process in a High School” for young teachers (certificate).
  • Passed the internship of the program of international project Interintelligent of scientific and innovation center of company Sustainable development Ltd (Slovenia, Ljubljana) (certificate dated 04.05.2018).
  • Raised qualification of the program of study course “Introduction of Quest-Technologies in Educational Process” (National university “Lviv Polytechnic”), certificate ST № 02071010/00170-18 dated 06.07.2018

Social activity

From 2015 to 2017 – the leader of Volunteer Detachment “The Palette of Good”.

From 2017 to 2018 – the social worker, consultant of charitable organization “Network 100% Life. Zaporizhzhia”.

Official partner, co-organizer of social direction measures in Berdyansk city (festival “Family Day”, cultural and educational wandering festival “From the Country to Ukraine”, “Children’s Olympic Games”, World Heritage Initiative for the Planetary “Tree of Peace”, “To do Ukraine Clear Together”, charity event “Smart Children”, project “Blue Sky” etc.)

Teaching Disciplines

  • The Basics of Vocational Guidance Work;
  • Social and Pedagogical Work with Informal Creative Associations;
  • Management of Social Institutions Staff.
  • Civil Associations and Movements;
  • Social Work in Penitentiary System;
  • Coaching in a Social and Pedagogical Work;
  • Advertising and Information Technology in Social Work;
  • International Cooperation in the Education and Social Work Spheres;
  • Social and Pedagogical Work in the Field of Leisure and the Basis of the Screenwriting Work of a Social Pedagogue;