Berdyansk State Pedagogical University

Reception rector:

(06153) 36244


4, Schmidta St., Berdiansk, Zaporizhzhia  oblast

Research work

Considerable attention is paid to research work that is done in two directions − carrying out individual experimental research and the comprehensive study of the general topic of the Department − “The Strategy of Training a Competent Specialist in Preschool Education.”

On the basis of the results of individual experimental research, two postdoctoral theses to obtain the degree of DSc in Education were successfully defended by L. I. Zaitseva (2013) and Larysa Kazantseva (2014) as well as 15 PhD in Education theses.

The materials and results of the Department’s research are reflected in the monographs: The Teaching and Educational Activity at a Preschool Institution: Problems, Searches and Findings (a collective monograph, 2009), The Theory and Practice of Preschool Education in Modern Experimental Research (a collective monograph, 2015), The Formation of Scientific and Practical Experience in the Field of the Natural and Objective Environment (Theoretical and Methodological Aspect) in Senior Preschoolers (L.I. Zaitseva, 2012); Theoretical and Methodological Principles of Teaching Senior Preschool Children the Ukrainian Language in a Multicultural Space (Larysa Kazantseva, 2014), Theoretical Principles of Teaching Children of the Older Preschool Age the Ukrainian Language in the Multicultural Space of Ukraine (Larysa Kazantseva, 2012), Teaching Children of Senior Preschool Age to Make Reflective Stories (A.V. Omelianenko, 2009), Training Diligence in Preschool Children in Handicraft Classes (1917-1941) (T.L. Yeskova, 2015).