Berdyansk State Pedagogical University

Reception rector:

(06153) 36244


4, Schmidta St., Berdiansk, Zaporizhzhia  oblast

Educational work

The lecturers of the Department have developed and are constantly improving academic disciplines, among which are: Preschool Pedagogy; the History of Pedagogy; Pedagogical Creative Work; Pedagogy of Early Childhood; Methods of Young Children’s Speech Development; Physical Education of Young Children; Artistic Work and Fundamentals of Design; Fundamentals of Natural Science with Methods of Teaching; Preschool Linguodidactics; Teaching Literacy at a Preschool Educational Institution; Familiarization of Preschoolers with Public Environment; Fundamentals of Fine Arts with Methods of Management; The Theory and Methods of Physical and Valeological Education; Fundamentals of Pedagogical Mastery; the Theory and Methods of Musical Education; Special Methods: Ukraine and Me; Physical Education of Children; Organization of Theatrical Activity at Preschool Educational Institutions; Individual Approach to Formation of Elementary Mathematic Competence of Preschool Children; Methods of Conducting Ethnology Classes; Methodological Guidance on Logical and Mathematical Development of Preschool Children; the Theory and Techniques of Development of Children’s Artistic Creative Work; Management in the System of Preschool Education; Methodological Guidance on the Work on the Formation of Language Competence; Health-improving Techniques and Diagnostic Methods of Physical Development of Preschool Children; Organization of Children’s Experimental Research Activity; Comparative Preschool Pedagogy; Management of Pedagogical Cooperation with Different Social Groups; Methodological Fundamentals of Pedagogical Research; Formation of the Professional Image of an Educator.